Isabel Guarch jewelry design Mallorca

Isabel Guarch jewelry design Mallorca

Beautiful handmade jewellery inspired by the history of Mallorca

design, is the soul and history of the Mediterranean Sea a continuous and essential source of inspiration. Her annual collections of fine jewellery represent part of Mallorcan culture and lifestyle, anchored in the beauty, energy and warmth of the Balearic Islands. The stories that are in the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are of great importance. For example, iconic symbols such as the Calatrava cross are used for the CREU collection or the rosette from Palma Cathedral is used for the LLUM collection. Also the materials like natural stones have a special history. Pieces of yellow gold from the FORMENTOR collection with a design of branches and in combination with bright green jade were inspired by the pine trees common in the north of the island.

From a small family business designing jewellery for friends and acquaintances, Isabel has established the company as one of the country’s leading jewellery brands in recent years. Not least through the successful collaboration with the internationally renowned Mallorcan artist and designer Domingo Zapata from New York, which created the famous Happy Heart Couture collection that even made it to Times Square ad.

The versatile and passionate art lover designs her beautiful handmade jewelry not only for art galleries such as the RED Gallery in Palma, but also for private customers who want something special and unique for their loved ones.

In her boutique and studio in the old town of Palma she offers her customers an exclusive showroom of the current collections.

I organise private workshops where you can create your own jewellery! The ideal and very personal gift for your loved ones from our enchanting island of Mallorca.


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Campino Restaurant

Campino Restaurant


Elegance meets sportiness, tradition meets modernity. A vibrant hotspot with personal warmth. True to our credo “Stile di Vita”. Love and understanding of good food is already reflected in the Italian flag. Green stands for freshness, white for quality and red for the unmistakable taste.


A visit to the Restaurant Campino in Camp de Mar is more than just the enjoyment of Italian delicacies in a sumptuous setting at Golf de Andratx. It is a privilege in an excellent location, overlooking the bay of Camp de Mar and located directly next to the 18th hole of the Golf de Andratx, to be able to enjoy a piece of Italian hospitality in Mallorca. Live with us the Mediterranean lifestyle – the Stile di Vita!

The Restaurant Campino was opened as a club house in the year 2000 together with the golf course of Golf de Andratx. As one of the finest golf courses in Mallorca, Golf de Andratx hosts many great golf tournaments, such as the PGA National Challenge Cup or the Mallorca Magazin Trophy.

Founded by passionate restaurateur Giuseppe “Pino” Persico and since 2015 under the direction of his nephew Luigi Capalbo is the Campino equally known for it’s consistent quality and authenticity of Italian cuisine, friendly service and constant development.

What does “Campino” mean: Translated from Italian Campino means “small zone” or even golf course. Furthermore, it is creating the connection between the Italian origin and the place of action “Camp de Mar”, which can be also rediscovered in the name.

Over the last decade it was not only a place to play golf, but also to relax. Especially the Italian hospitality attracts many guests over and over again every year in the southwest of Mallorca.

Hotel Tipp – Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

Hotel Tipp – Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

Entering the Portals Hills Boutique Hotel, you can feel that very special “Miami South Beach” atmosphere right away. The white-and-gold lobby has stylish designer furniture for refined accents, while the full-depth window wall affords a truly breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The highlight is the Hollywood stairs, which you travel down in a long curve to the La Cabana Poolbar & Lounge.

The entire hotel radiates glamour and exclusiveness. The Portals Hills casts its spell on all its guests, standing out from others by offering a hotel stay that is truly unique on the island.


The Portals Hills Boutique Hotel guarantees service that leaves nothing to be desired within a glamorous ambience. Our specially trained employees help guests with any request around the clock. Our personalised services include, among other things, a VIP concierge, a private chef, and limousine service. No matter what you desire for your comfort: We will provide it.


Our Collins Restaurant is an experience involving all the senses, supplementing the glamourous style of the Portal Hills in inspired, chic and stylish ways and with outstanding culinary treats. The region has gained an entirely new and unique gastronomy and entertainment concept with it.


Hip yet relaxed. The Collins combines ever-attentive service with the art of cooking at its best. Our fine dining restaurant spirits connoisseurs away into an imaginative culinary world, fusing regional and international cuisine with a modern interpretation. The ever-changing seasonal menu and magical creations of our chefs keep surprising guests.


Whenever possible, we prepare our dishes with ecologically produced regional products purchased only from trustworthy local suppliers. Our two-level walk-in wine and Champagne display case, concealing one of the most comprehensive wine collections on the island, is another highlight.