Drive German. Kiss French, and dress Italian. The best Italian style offers the elegant understatement that Farinelli has a special knack for. This downtown boutique has contributed significantly to revitalising the Plaza Cort after its time of gentrification. It offers timeless class without the hype or inflated prices that come with short-lived trends.

Think of Monica Bellucci vs. Kim Kardashian or the heart-warmingly attractive Raoul Bova in his film Under the Tuscan Sun.

The obvious difference of the rose-coloured corner shop attracts international customers who appreciate lasting quality. An antithesis to disposable fashion, its diverse collections are all made to last.

Service is provided unobtrusively and casually, creating a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere for men and women to browse, touch and try on clothes at their leisure.

Founded by Carlos Cendrós as a men’s outfitter in 1995, the store soon extended its offering to women as well, who came to love the Farinelli brand’s casual charm, too.


Luxury fashion by current top designers such as Lorena Antoniazzi, Antonelli, Duvetica yPT01 – to name just a few – immediately envelops its wearers in sophistication while ensuring a wonderful wearing comfort.

In addition to the best of Italian labels, select pieces that match the prestige of their elegant competitors in all areas are offered as well. They include the uniquely soft cashmere attire by Hemisphere and Prime Shoes’ welted shoes – both from renowned German design companies.

The growing demand for luxury fashion on Mallorca caused Farinelli to expand and open a second boutique in Cala D’Or, inspired by the ever-growing cosmopolitanism of its residents and visitors. It stayed true to the image and integrity of the original outlet in Palma, located in a building erected in 1906.

Farinelli’s sophistication with its nonchalance that goes beyond fleeting fashion trends appeals universally to all age groups. This favourite among Mallorca’s shops will always be the address most reminiscent of The Italian Job: refined, stylish and always innovative.