Business Styling

Hardly anyone will stand in front of their wardrobe in the morning, wondering:
Where am I going? Who will I be meeting? And most of all: How do I want others to see me?
Clothes are means of communication. You can decide what you want to convey! Is it competence? Expertise? Self-confidence?
A classic suit or a shift dress is not always the best choice.

Let us develop your very own “Smart Business Look” together.
It should match your personality, your goals and your professional role.
Your benefits:

  • Become self-confident and visible
  • Be more comfortable
  • Make your competence visible at first glance
  • Know which looks and silhouettes suit your figure type best
  • Show who you are and what you represent in your outfit
  • Choose a modern business look that matches your personality
  • Confidently achieve your career goals

Business Style Coaching for Companies

Your employees are your company’s calling card!


Your company’s image is characterised by the attire and appearance of your employees. Image consultation for your company or type consultation for individual employees can help you achieve the desired effect. I will convey your values in my workshops and seminars. Corporate clothing to match your corporate identity can then supplement your overall marketing concept.

Do you have sales staff who meet customers in person every day? Serving as your company’s calling card, your employees will learn how to use your corporate colours to fit their type and highlight their personality in simple steps they can use in practice immediately.


  • Mediation of luxury vintage bags: Hermes, Chanel, Dior
  • Organisation of art gallery tours
  • Pop-up art
  • Private wine tasting with sommelier